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Policeman handcuffing teenager

Misuse of Baker Act Laws by Schools Persist Statewide

We will continue to advocate against the misuse of Florida’s Baker Act laws. Handcuffing and transporting children in the back of a police car from school, as required by Palm
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Gifted Checklists Found to Discriminate Against Children With Disabilities

In a meaningful success, we prevailed in a 504 Complaint which found that the Gifted Characteristic Checklist used by the Palm Beach County School District discriminate against children with disabilities.
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School Safety and the Disabled Child

We are all devastated by the school shooting in Broward.  Every parent worries about their child’s safety at school when these types of events occur.  For parents of children with
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Win! Pasch Criminal Lawyers Successful in Defense of a First Degree Felony Punishable-By-Life

We are proud to announce that Pasch Law’s criminal defense team, lead by Attorney Robert Pasch, successfully defended our client on a first degree felony, punishable-by-life, charge.   By remaining focused
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